You Can Free Yourself (If You Want)

In India, elephants are used for manual labor. When the elephant is small and weighs approximately 200 pounds, it is securely tied with a heavy-duty rope. In between “jobs,” the elephant often tries to break through its bonds. The calf whines, tugs, and even tries to chew through the rope; but it is unable to …

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Your garden is not complete until there's nothing more you can take out of it.

Your Garden

One of my favorite quotes — one that guides much of my life and work — is a Japanese proverb: Your garden is not complete until there’s nothing more you can take out of it. A garden cannot have EVERYTHING in it. If it does, it ceases to be a garden and instead becomes a mess. A …

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Guard Well Your Thoughts - James Allen

Guard Well Your Thoughts : James Allen

James Allen, from Above Life’s Turmoil As the fruit to the tree and the water to the spring, so is action to thought. It does not come into manifestation suddenly and without a cause. It is the result of a long and silent growth; the end of a hidden process which has long been gathering force. …

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No Room for Worry

No Room Left for Worry

I read this about worry in Norman Vincent Peale‘s wonderful book The True Joy of Positive Living. I think you’re going to learn a lot from this. It is the custom of my church to have the minister’s portrait painted. The artist selected to do mine was Howard Chandler Christy, then at the apex of …

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How to Find the Money That Is Waiting For You

How to Find All the Money That Is Waiting For You

There is money waiting for you. Somewhere. Here is how you are going to find it. Starting right now, you are going to put into action what you have been learning in The Master Key System. You are going to get your money. And Charles F. Haanel is going to help you. Here is what you …

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