You Can Free Yourself (If You Want)

In India, elephants are used for manual labor. When the elephant is small and weighs approximately 200 pounds, it is securely tied with a heavy-duty rope. In between “jobs,” the elephant often tries to break through its bonds.

The calf whines, tugs, and even tries to chew through the rope; but it is unable to break free.

Finally, the elephant gives up. He accepts his circumstances. His spirit is broken.

The elephant believes there is absolutely no chance to free himself and overcome his “limitation.”

This is recognized as a “defining moment.”

A defining moment is the exact moment one adopts and/or accepts a new belief that drastically alters his life. He accepts this “new belief” as a “truth,” regardless if it is true or not. Because the brain accepts repetition of thought and deduction as “the truth,” the rope reigns sovereign not only in the calf’s immediate environment, but in his mind as well.

With this “belief” deeply embedded in the elephant’s mind, his handler came up with an ingenious idea to permanently disempower him. He realized all that was needed was to tie the four-ton animal up with extremely small ropes and he would remain tied. In the elephant’s mind, any size rope would keep him “securely” confined.

You are not an elephant!

Rise up and break through the confining ropes in your mind.

When you’re faced with change, change your perspective.

When you’re overwhelmed with something new, change your view.

You can break ropes and rules with these books.