13 Great Quotes That Will Get You Reading More
13 Great Quotes That Will Get You Reading More

13 Great Quotes That Will Get You Reading More

What can you begin doing right now that will make this your BEST YEAR EVER?

Read more books.

It’s been noted that many of the world’s most influential people read at least one book per week.

That’s fifty-two book per year.

Do you want to know what’s amazing about that?

Fifty-two books is over ten times what the average person reads in a year!

Successful people, world leaders, society’s influencers are all — each and every one of them — voracious readers.

Average people tend to be … well … average readers.

And you don’t want to be average.

Or ordinary.

So here’s something that will help you.

Here is a collection of quotes that will motivate you to read more in 2016. Aim for one book a week.

Read in the morning and in the evening.

Mix it up: read serious books that relate to your profession as well as fun books that entertain.

Here are a bunch of great books to start.

And if you should ever find yourself slipping, have a look at one or two of these quotes to remind yourself that when you read, you will succeed!

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Great people read great books because that’s what great people do.