April 18, 2011 – Interview with Claire McGee, Author of I Believe Therefore I Am, Part 1 – Master Key Coaching Teleseminars #38

On this, the 38th episode of the Master Key Coaching Teleseminars, you will meet Claire McGee.

Claire McGee is a speaker, a thinker, and the author of I Believe Therefore I Am, her first book soon to be released from Kallisti Publishing.

Claire is amazing. She dazzled everyone who listened on the call with her charm, wit, perspicacity, and insight. She not only gave us a good idea of what her book is about and what her views are, but she also shared two wildly important exercises with us — exercises that when you begin practicing them will impact your life massively!

Who Is Claire McGee?

In early 2004, Claire McGee was on her way to a successful career in marketing. Her future looked bright. Happily married with two small children, a new home and a rewarding career, she was well on her way to achieving all of her dreams.

Claire Mcgee delivering a seminar.These dreams were to deteriorate rapidly when she was diagnosed with Congenital Fiber Type Disproportion Myopathy, a very painful and debilitating muscle disorder. After months of tests and one specialist after the other saying that there was nothing they could do, she decided to fight back.

Claire rejected the reality of barely surviving and replaced it with a true belief in her ability to achieve all she had set out to do. It was during this time that Claire delved into the process of the mind and began to recognize all the negative thoughts and habits she had been living with on a daily basis. When she understood these habits, she said “No more.” Whenever a thought came to her which held her back she would say “No more” and would replace the thought with what she knew to be true: ”I am well and I am moving forward.”

Dissecting every inch of her being, she developed a way to remove these debilitating habits and replaced them with empowering ones. Claire knows and truly believes she is a success already and there is no limit to what she can do and to where she is going. Claire continues to walk the walk.

This new found understanding of the principles for being inwardly aware and outwardly successful lead Claire down a path of self discovery which, in turn, positively influenced people around her. She speaks differently, acts differently, and has built a passion for helping others to understand the power of the mind.

President of T.S. Consulting, Claire now leads a highly professional, uniquely qualified team of motivational teachers who apply these techniques on a daily basis. Claire’s team is committed to working with corporations, educational entities, and individuals all over the world to empower them with the realization that they are in control and have the very real and very valid ability to achieve their goals.

I Believe Therefore I Am — A Method by Claire McGee

What do you need to do to get your subconscious mind to believe and work cooperatively with your conscious efforts to manifest what you desire in life?

I Believe Therefore I Am by Claire McGee

That’s the main question that Claire answers in her incredible book I Believe Therefore I Am.

It is up to you to alter your own reality and make it whatever you want it to be. It is up to you to realize what habits are controlling your life and change them if the purpose they are serving is self destructive. You are destined to repeat experiences over and over again until the day you gain the self awareness to do something about it—to succeed.

I Believe Therefore I Am book was created to do just that: To teach you how to program your mind for success.

This book is simply incredible and you are going to love it. More than that, you are going to get so much from this book that I am highly confident that you will look back on the time you read this book as a changing point in your life.

Much like Charles F. Haanel‘s The Master Key System – of which I am sure you are familiar! — I Believe Therefore I Am is a complete method of working with your beliefs so that you can achieve all that you want. There are exercises, both mental and written, that will guide you through the process of change and growth. It will be an amazing journey.

Visit www.IBelieveThereforeIAm.com to sign-up for Claire’s newsletter and to order your copy of her tremendous work.

The Mirror Exercise

Throughout the course of her interview, Claire shared lots of information with us.

  • What exactly is a belief?
  • What’s the difference between a belief and a delusion?
  • Can we truly change our beliefs?
  • How does “brain filtering” work for us or against us?

Great stuff.

Claire also shared two great exercises with us. The first was the “Mirror Exercise.”

Every day, look into a mirror and talk to yourself. Compliment yourself. Say something nice to yourself.

As Claire writes in I Believe Therefore I Am

Every morning (for a minimum of one week) as you get ready for the day, look in the mirror and straight into your eyes, smile and say, “I love you, (your name here).  I love all that you have accomplished, all that you are accomplishing now, and all that you are accomplishing in the future. You offer great value and I love you.”

Quite often people who initially hear about this exercise think, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” or “This is just ridiculous.” I know this because I too had a similar reaction. When we have these thoughts, they speak loudly of the way our subconscious mind truly views ourselves. Our brain is retaliating and creating a sense of unease.  This is a clear indication our belief system is in opposition. It truly does not believe we are worthy of self love.

It is then even more important to do this exercise.

Do this exercise. It is awesome. Or, to be more precise, the results you will get from this exercise will be nothing short of incredible.

"Girl at the Mirror" by Norman Rockwell
"Girl at the Mirror" by Norman Rockwell

Let’s move on now to how one simple change in how you do your affirmations will make them more effective than ever…

A New Way to Do Your Affirmations

One of our frequent callers to the Teleseminars is “John in Orlando.” Thanks to his great question, he allowed claire to share with us a revolutionary way to re-image our affirmations.

Believe me, this is incredible. So much so, that when you listen to the call, you’ll hear that I actually went speechless for a few moments!

John’s question was simple: How does one use affirmations or auto-suggestion when working with one’s beliefs?

Claire asked John for an example of a goal or affirmation he had. John shared with us this –

“I earn $10,000 per month.”

By changing one word in John’s affirmation — just one word! — Claire made this simple — and as of before this call, ineffective — affirmation incredibly powerful.

Listen to the call and see what Claire did to bring this change. You will be stunned. Like I was.

And you’ll never do your affirmations the same way again!

This Was Only the First Part…

This was only the first part of my interview with Claire McGee. She will be joining me on the next call and I will do my best to get more exciting exercises and insights to make you a powerhouse of success and achievement.

For now, do yourself the favor and reserve your copy of Claire’s new book I Believe Therefore I Am.

I Believe Therefore I Am by Claire McGee
Reserve your copy of Claire McGee's I Believe Therefore I Am now!

You’ll be glad that you did!

Until next week, get for yourself the best of everything!