How to Permanently Let Go of Self-Destructive Beliefs and Habits with Special Guest Claire McGee

We once again welcome back to this our 44th Teleseminar the vivacious Claire McGee, author of the incredible book I Believe Therefore I Am. What we have is nothing short of incredible — or seemingly miraculous.

On this call, Claire and I discussed an amazing technique for permanently letting go of self-destructive and limiting beliefs and habits.

You’re going to be stunned at how simple it can be — no matter what the belief or habit is! You’re also going to be impressed by how easily you can “let go” of your emotional and experiential “baggage,” that stuff that is holding you from being the person you want to be.

This is an amazing call with an incredible technique that I urge all of you to practice. I have used the techniques discussed here with my Coaching clients and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Even in my own life, I have had awesome experiences merely from letting go of certain thoughts and beliefs. I am highly confident that you will, too.

Let Me Re-Introduce You to Claire McGee

Claire McGee is the author of I Believe Therefore I AmClaire McGee, M.Msc is a highly professional and uniquely qualified motivational teacher whose goal is to empower people with the realization that they are in control of their destiny and have the very real and very valid ability to achieve their goals.

Claire knows this because she lived it.

In early 2004, Claire was on her way to a successful corporate career. Her future looked bright. Happily married with two small children, a new home, and a rewarding career, she was well on her way to achieving all of her dreams.

These dreams were to deteriorate rapidly when she was diagnosed with Congenital Fiber Type Disproportion Myopathy, a very painful and debilitating muscle disorder.

Claire rejected the reality of barely surviving and replaced it with a true belief in her ability to achieve all she had set out to do. It was during this time that Claire delved into the process of the mind and began to recognize all the negative thoughts and habits she had been living with on a daily basis.

This newfound understanding of the principles for being inwardly aware and outwardly successful lead Claire down a path of self discovery which, in turn, positively influenced the people around her. She speaks differently, acts differently, and has built a passion for helping others to understand the power of the mind.

The “Baggage” We Carry with Us

We all have “baggage.” Yes, that’s one of those pop-psych terms that gets thrown around probably too much. Yet it’s true that we have it and it is true that it adversely affects each and every one of us.

That baggage can be just about anything that we’ve done or experienced.

  • picked on in school
  • bad relationships
  • abuse
  • past behavior when you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • divorce
  • the loss of a loved one
  • failures

That list can continue indefinitely.

These experiences that you’ve had affect you to this day.


They play on your mind in such a way that they affect your emotions, which in turn dictate the experiences you have in your life.

Thus, these negative experiences lead to negative emotions that lead to … Well, you get the idea.

Unfortunately, you also get the results. It’s a cycle that you see in your life, right?

Most of all, this baggage develops within each and every one of us as negative beliefs and habits. They cause us to not be the person we want to be. They stifle us. They cause us to act in ways that we do not want to act. They mute our voices and shutter our lights.

They must be jettisoned from us.

Here is how…

Claire McGee’s “Catch & Release” Technique

You can overcome these experiences by mastering Claire McGee’s “Catch & Release” technique. When you do, you will finally be able to

  • let go of your past,
  • remove doubt and insecurity from your mind,
  • enjoy being impressed with all that is positive,
  • release self-destructive beliefs,
  • form a new and self-empowering reality.

Are you ready to let go of the things that have been hurting you and holding you back and experience the change for which you have been looking?

With your emotions dictating the results you experience, it is wise to remove all seemingly negative experiences you are stubbornly holding onto from your past and replace them with the positive aspects that came from the experiences.

By doing this, you alter your perspective, leaving you impressed with all that is positive. This new perspective causes you to naturally release the self-destructive beliefs you have created and you thus begin to form a new and self-empowering reality.

Take a piece of paper and create a page under the heading “Catch and Release.”

Make headings with the titles

  • “What was the circumstance?,”
  • “How does it make me feel?,”
  • and “What positive things came from the experience?”

Now, ask yourself the questions and then answer them.

Begin to look within yourself and be completely honest with yourself. Allow the words and emotions to flow as you write your answers. Continue this line of thinking until such time as all is said and acknowledged. When you’re finished, put the paper or journal down and walk away for a while. When you’re ready, go back to it and read what you wrote. You may be amazed at what your mind came up with as to the positive things that came from the experience.

Doing this allows your mind to accept this new perspective because it came from you.

Now, this exercise may be difficult as you weed out all of your hurts and discomforts. The end result is extremely rewarding and self-empowering as the goal of this exercise is to address the cause and change your perspective.

Claire provides guidance to how to properly do this on the Teleseminar. So please listen to it.

“We Are Today the Result of Our Past Thinking”

Charles F. Haanel wrote in “Week Three” of The Master Key System that we are “today the result of our past thinking, and we shall be what we are thinking today.”

If you allow your “baggage” to burden you — to plague your mind, as it were — then you will continue to get what you have always received.

Another author, MiMi Paris, wrote in her book Size Matters! that “If you trip once, it is an accident. If you trip repeatedly, you are clumsy.” By using the word “clumsy,” Ms. Paris means that there is something within you — your negative, self-destructive thoughts — that keeps you doing the same things over and over again.

If that’s the case, then you get rid of those things.

To get rid of those things, you use Claire McGee’s “Catch & Release” technique.

You can discover more about Claire and this amazing technique in her book I Believe Therefore I Am and at her new web site,

Check them out. You’ll be glad that you did.

Until next time, my friend, please get for yourself the best of everything.