Why You Should Read Your "Bible" Every Day by Jim Straw
Why You Should Read Your "Bible" Every Day by Jim Straw

On Reading Your “Bible” Every Day (J.F. (Jim) Straw)

In all religions, the faithful are constantly admonished to “read your Bible every day” — or whatever Holy Book the religion adheres to.

Unfortunately, too many people read a book once and, thinking they know everything it says, never open it again.

Those who really succeed read and study their “bibles” every day — re-reading those books that relate to whatever they are doing. I, myself, have some books I read and re-read on an on-going basis. Beyond that, whenever I am involved in a business or situation I have been involved in before, I go to my archives and re-read my notes to remember what I have done; or should have done.

So, no matter in what endeavor you are involved, read your “bible” everyday!

Try it.

You will find that you learn (or re-learn) something every day.

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