June 20, 2011 – Interview with Fireball Tim Lawrence – Master Key Coaching Teleseminars #42

Fireball Tim Lawrence. That’s the man I interviewed for this, our 42nd, episode of the Master Key Coaching Teleseminars. And let me tell you: this interview was awesome.

You’re going to learn a lot here. Fireball (yes, that is his real and legal name!) is highly successful at what he does and he revealed during the course of our interview exactly how he went from where he was (pretty much nowhere) to where he is now (totally somewhere). If you know who he is, then after listening to this interview you’re going to love him more than you already do; if you don’t know who he is, then you’re going to discover someone really cool.

It was really an honor to interview Fireball. I’ve been a follower of his show(s) and blog(s) for years. It’s not just because I enjoy cars and movies. It’s because I like Fireball.

I mean, let’s face it. There are a few hundred guys out there talking about fast rides. There are about a dozen TV shows as well. That’s not to mention all the web sites and magazines that are out there. I don’t really read or watch any of them. A nice car is a nice car. Without someone really interesting to showcase the vehicle, it’s just yet another posh ride.

It’s Fireball that makes the cars interesting — exciting! You’ll know why when you listen to the interview.

So, let’s meet Fireball…

Who Is That Guy?

I am going to make it easy on myself and paste from one of Fireball’s web sites Fireball’s bio. It’s impressive, to say the least.

Fireball Tim Lawrence is “Hollywood’s Secret Design Weapon.” The Movie Car Designer and TV Host is consistenly called upon by Hollywood’s elite to envision designs for what has been a chain of over 350 entertainment and design projects in film, TV and commercials.

He conceptualized vehicles, weapons, spaceships, costumes, props and completely unique environments for Hollywood’s biggest films and Television. He was the All Star Designer for Discovery Channel’s hit series“MONSTER GARAGE” with Jesse James, as well as the award winning 650hp POLICE PURSUIT MINI for Speed Chanel’s “STREET TUNER CHALLENGE”, a show syndicated worldwide to a billion viewers. His unique concepts have established Fireball as a leader in film design and Hollywood’s most sought after expert and host.

Fireball’s days are filled with MOVIE CAR DESIGN projects through his company FIREBALL TIM ENTERTAINMENT and his partnered build house CINEMA VEHICLES. His TV Show appearances and the filming of his hugely successful Web-Series “Fireball Tim’s WORLD OF CARS” number in the hundreds. He’s done Discovery Channel’s “WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE RIDES”, attends 50-75 car shows a year, blogs to millions of fans through his personal blog as well as the millions subscribed to CarDomain.com, has developed Nutritional Supplements, is designing CHILDRENS BOOKS, gives “Mindstorm Seminars” on creativity in High Schools and even designs characters for his professional PROMOTIONAL MASCOTS division, KCL Productions, with his wife Kathie. He’s been featured in TOP GEAR MAGAZINE, drives the pace car for The Palos Verdes Marathon, is a featured guest at many shows including the Las Vegas DIECAST SUPERCON and THE HOUSTON ART CAR PARADE with 250,000 in attendance.

Fireball attends over 75 shows a year including MAJOR AUTO SHOWS worldwide and has been featured in more than 50 Trade Publications including AUTOWEEK, MOTOR TREND and many others. He currently lives in Malibu, California.

Watch videos of Fireball and his cars and exploits at www.thehollywoodgarage.com

Yes, he gets around.

Not only that, he lives a life that most men (and perhaps more than a few women) dream about. He works with and designs cars for movies!

In other words, he works in Hollywood and is the go-to guy for cars in films.

You know the Batmobile? No, not that one. The original one. Wait, not that far back. The Michael-Keaton-Batman Batmobile. The really cool one.

Fireball designed that!

The Batmobile as designed by Fireball Tim. You know you want it...

How did this guy get such a cool gig?

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are, Buckaroo

Fireball designed real cars at one time at a real job for a real car company. He quickly found that it wasn’t exactly what he wanted to do. Sure, he enjoyed it, but he just wasn’t passionate about it.

That’s about when he had what he calls his “chocolate and peanut butter” idea.

He loved the movies. He loved cars. How could he make a living blending the tow together?

Most people would have dismissed the craziness of the notion and continued with their usual day-to-day.

Not Fireball. He gave it a go.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

It Is Not the Spoon That Bends, It Is Only Yourself

It may not surprise you to know that along the way, someone like Fireball had help from a few friends.

Wallace D. Wattles. Charles F. Haanel. Napoleon Hill. And a few others.

Those were — and continue to be — Fireball’s friends. He has read and continues to read the books, to work on his mind and thoughts, and to improve himself and what he does. He knows it’s a process — a process of learning, of growth, and of experience.

He takes what he learns and runs with it.

One of the main things he garnered through his years of study and self-realization is that it’s not other people who should control us and our attitudes; rather, it’s we who are in command. We can look at any situation and, based on how we think about it, literally change it merely with a thought.

We aren't happy when people give us the finger. We might make an exception for Johnny Cash, though.

Here’s an example Fireball used during the interview. You’re driving down the road and somebody gives you the finger. It may be because you did something not-too-bright whilst driving. It could be for no real reason at all, maybe just because you were there.

The sad fact is that most people carry that minute encounter with them for the rest of the day. They allow it to jade their every thought and action. This reminds of a Zen story I included in The Master Key Workbook.

Two monks were traveling together down a muddy road. It was raining heavily. They met a lovely girl on the road who was unable to cross the intersection because the mud would ruin her silk kimono. One of the monks lifted the girl in his arms and carried her over the mud.

Later that evening, when the monks were in their lodgings, the other monk said to the one who carried the girl, “We monks do not go near females! Especially not young, pretty ones. It is dangerous. Why did you do that?”

The other monk replied, “I left the girl there. Are you still carrying her?”

Fireball reminded all of us during the interview that we control what we think. Far too often we continue to carry something with us. We then go even further and begin thinking and imagining things that never happened, but things over which we become angry or bitter. No longer did just one random person give us “the bird,” rather we begin to imagine how unkind all people are and how the world is a bad place and that everyone is out to get us.

Car girls. Just because...

Of course, nothing can be further from the truth! But we allow our thoughts to trip down this avenue because … Well, because it gives us a tangible feeling. Whether that feeling will actually help us is not really in question. It won’t. But we do it any way.

What we should do is to allow that event to run off our backs like water on a suck’s back. It happened. So what? We control out thoughts, so why should we reflect on the bad, which doesn’t help us at all? Flip your thoughts and think of the positives: what you want to do; what you’re going to accomplish today; all the exciting people you’re going to meet; all of the neat things you may do.

That’s what Fireball did. He stuck to the positive. Look where he is today!

Oh, Jerry, Don’t Let’s Ask for the Moon. We Have the Stars.

Fireball Tim gives you two thumbs up and says "Reach for your dreams!"

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Fireball went above and beyond anything I ever hoped to hear. Listen to this interview with Fireball. Absorb what he says.

This is a guy who read the books, who strove to understand the books, and then took action based on what he learned and understood.

And he made it: he achieved many of his dreams.

It wasn’t always easy. He had set-backs and problems. But he always kept his mind straight and his eyes on his goals. He thought differently. He thought certainly. (You’ll see what that means when you listen to the interview.) Even when there was little hope and even less of a chance, he kept his faith and did his best to move forward.

Fireball’s story is a story for all of us. Listen to it. Learn from it.

More importantly, act on it.

Check out Fireball at his web site The Hollywood Garage (www.thehollywoodgarage.com). Also get to know his at his very personal blog, The Infinite Blog (www.theinfiniteblog.com).

Believe me, you’ll be glad that you did!

Folks, until next time, please get for yourself the best of everything!