Know Your Why and Move Forward Boldly Always!
Know Your Why and Move Forward Boldly Always!

Know Why

Wealth is a by-product of or a means to a noble end.

It should not be confused with your raison de vivre or your chief aim.

The greatest men in the world sought nobler ends.

Did Nikola Tesla profit from his inventions? Yes, he did.

His love for discovery came first, though. The money followed.

So it continues with every great person who does great things.

There is something that exists that is greater than wealth or acclaim.

That something is your Why.

Why are you doing something?

What is your ideal?


Think about why you want certain things.

Is it because you wish to show- off? Is it to gain revenge?

Or is it for lofty reasons?

Or simply to be the best at what you do?

Ask yourself Why?

Know thyself!

As Charles F. Haanel wrote in The Master Key System as well as his other books, if your thought is constructive, it will possess vitality and it will grow, develop, and expand. It will attract everything necessary for its development.

You’ll love this book because it goes beyond WHY.