Think Big or Go Home!
Think Big or Go Home!

Think Big — Or Go Home

One of Donald Trump’s rules from his book The Art of the Deal is to “Think big.”

He did and look where it got him.

Bill Gates thinks big.

When he began Microsoft, the company motto was “A computer on every desktop.”

That came to fruition.

Throughout history, you’ll find that those who get mentioned in the history books or are remembered, were those who held big thoughts in their mind and endeavored to make them real.

Alexander the Great.

Napoleon Bonaparte.

John F. Kennedy.

People who dared to dream.

To dream big.

To think big.

Charles F. Haanel wrote in Week Twenty-one of The Master Key System that the distinctive characteristic of the Master Mind was that

He thinks big thoughts. He holds ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all petty and annoying obstacles.

What are your dreams?

What are your big thoughts?

Whatever they are, make them lofty and grand.

Shoot for the Moon!

Even if you miss, you’ll hit a star.

You will click here because you think big.