But What If You Fail?
But What If You Fail?

What If You Fail?

It’s your chance.

You have your target in your mind’s eye.

You work hard. Assiduously.

It took time and effort.

Here you are.

You think you’re ready.

You take your shot.

You miss.

You fail.

What do you do now?

In Point #12 of Week Seventeen of The Master Key System, Charles F. Haanel wrote

12. The mind may place the ideal a little too high and fall short of the mark; it may attempt to soar on untrained wings and instead of flying, fall to earth; but that is no reason for not making another attempt.

Perhaps your your goals are too lofty.

For now.

Perhaps you aren’t ready to reach them.


Perhaps you will fail again in  your pursuit of them.

So what?

13. Weakness is the only barrier to mental attainment; attribute your weakness to physical limitations or mental uncertainties and try again; ease and perfection are gained by repetition.

Repeat that again: Ease and perfection are gained by repetition.

Try again.




No matter what you do, how hard you try, nor how easy something seems, sooner or later …

… You will fail.

You will lose.

It happens.

Then …

You try again.

As you practice and learn and gain experience, you get better and better.

You can — and will — overcome anything.

Every problem has a solution.

Every question has an answer.

You keep trying. With every try you become better.

You become the person you will to be.

That’s when you win.


Winning big never looked so good because you never saw it here.